About me

My name's Adrian Hirt, and I'm a Computer Science BSc Student at ETH Zürich.
I'm currently studying in the fourth semester. For more informations about my studies, please visit the Studies page.

Before i joined ETH Zürich for my studies, I went to the Gymnasium Neufeld in Bern, with a focus on Biology & Chemistry and a minor in History. After that, I completed my mandatory army service at the Airforce base in Payerne, where I got promoted to Private First Class for good performance.

My hobbies include programming, cosplay, 3D-printing, gaming, and traveling.

I'm a board member and the webmaster of the VSETH GECO and a member of the Department Conference D-INFK.


Programming Advanced: Ruby, Javascript, Java | Intermediate: Python, C, SQL | Basic: x86-64 Assembly, Eiffel, C++
Frameworks Advanced: Rails | Intermediate: AngularJS 1, jQuery | Basic: Node.js
Web Technologies Advanced: HTML5, CSS3 | Intermediate: SASS, REST API
Technologies Advanced: Linux, Windows, SSH, git | Intermediate: PostgreSQL, nginx, Docker, CI | Basic: Ansible
Languages Advanced: German, English, French | Basic: Japanese, Spanish